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Genre is a musical based on the appropriate grouping with resemblance to one another.
A genre can be defined by technique, style, and theme music.

Grouping the genre or style in the third, namely:
1. Art Music
Art music is music to the grouping of classical music and music of a kind which assessed
the level of historic value apart from the value of his art.
2. Popular Music
Popular music is the types of music that is currently favored by the common people.
This kind of music is music that correspond with the current state of the time, so
appropriate in the ears of most people. Some genres of music including Popular Music is Pop, Funk,
Jazz, Blues, Rock, Gospel, Underground, and others. Music genres can be found
in almost all parts of the world because of the nature of his music that is almost acceptable
to everyone.
3. Traditional Music
Traditional music is music that lives in the community for generations, retained not as
a means of entertainment only, but there is also used for treatment and there being
a means of communication between man and the creator, this is according to the beliefs
of each person alone. Traditional music is a treasure of local art in the community.
Traditional music in Indonesia, including the gamelan, angklung and Sasando. apart from
the traditional music originating from the local culture, there are also traditional
music originating from outside cultural influences such as gambang Kromong, marawis
and keroncong.

In my next post I will discuss in more detail about the music genre. wait yes.

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